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Cut Absenteeism

The costs associated with employee absenteeism add up fast. Managers have to scramble to find replacements, taking up valuable time, and more demands are put on the rest of your staff. Productivity, quality of service and job satisfaction all suffer.

By keeping shifts filled, MakeShift’s easy scheduling app helps managers and employees focus on their work, instead of trying to keep the calendar filled and pick up the slack left by absent workers.

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Based on industry averages, if MakeShift helped eliminate just one missed shift per employee, a restaurant with a staff of 50 would save nearly $7,000 each year.

Reduce Overtime

Unnecessary absenteeism often leads to more overtime. This is a huge and unpredictable expense, and it’s largely a result of poor scheduling.

MakeShift’s easy scheduling tool helps keep the schedule filled by letting employees request available shifts directly through the app. By cutting down on absenteeism, OT is easier to keep in check.

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The Canadian retail sector spends almost half a billion dollars each year on overtime, averaging about $320 per employee.

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Lower Turnover

Losing employees hurts productivity and morale. Finding new staff costs money, as you invest in recruitment, training and knowledge sharing. It’s estimated that an $8/hour employee carries a turnover cost of as much as $3,500.

By giving employees a little more control with simple scheduling software—the power to set availability, trade shifts with co-workers and pick up available shifts—it’s easier for them to balance work with life.

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In a company of 75, turnover can cost up to a quarter million dollars each year. If MakeShift helps retain just three employees annually, you could save $25,000 per year.