MakeShift online employee scheduling software balances valuable tools with practical design. It’s more than just staff scheduling software; it’s a complete HR software solution with advanced online employee management features designed in a way that puts people first.

Schedule Smarter

Create a more effective employee schedule for your company, using accurate and relevant information including projected budgets, employee availability and an optimal schedule template. Our online employee scheduling software is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Manage On the Move

The MakeShift Live app for managers puts MakeShift's online scheduling software on your mobile phone. Always know who’s working, who’s late, who’s available and more. MakeShift is fully functional mobile staff scheduling software that lets you make adjustments to clock in/out times or approve employee requests, all from an employee scheduling app.

Fill Shifts Faster

Creating a schedule and keeping it filled is one of a manager’s most tedious tasks. MakeShift functions as full online employee schedule software with several features that work together to help you fill shifts fast. It lets you see who’s free to pick up shifts and, when you really need someone, send out an instant notification to some or all of your staff.

Real-Time Updates

MakeShift’s online employee schedule software ensures managers and employees are all working with the same information. The online scheduling software and mobile app automatically update scheduled shifts, availability and other information in real time. Plus, you can set custom notifications so you’ll know as soon as anything changes. With MakeShift you can quickly sync work schedules with Apple, Google and other calendars, or share it with family members.

Work/Life Balance

MakeShift is designed to give employees a little more control over their schedules. Using the app, they can set their availability, request time off, trade or drop/cover shifts with co-workers, pick up more work when it’s available and more.

Time & Attendance

MakeShift goes beyond typical staff scheduling software—it’s a complete HR software solution for managing your staff. Employees can clock in and out from their phones (or a dedicated on-site device), generating accurate timesheets automatically. MakeShift also supports payroll data export to Excel, and several popular payroll providers.

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