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September 25, 2023

Beyond Software: MakeShift and Blue Crab Consulting Partnership Targets Seamless AI Adoption in Critical Industries to Boost Employee Well-being

CALGARY, Alberta — MakeShift, a top-tier workforce management company with its acclaimed cloud-based employee scheduling and time platform—recognized as a category leader by both G2 and Gartner Digital Markets—today announced a pivotal partnership with Blue Crab Consulting (BCC). Recognizing that the success of software adoption hinges significantly on expert implementation, this partnership is poised to serve as a guiding force for enterprises. By integrating BCC's deep knowledge in AI-driven HR transformations, MakeShift will ensure that both its new and existing clients embark on comprehensive HR transformation journeys, marked by robust user adoption and tangible success.

"Partnering with BCC allows us to offer our clients not just cutting-edge software, but also the strategic insights to maximize its potential," said Adam Greenberg, MakeShift CEO. "It's about crafting a holistic experience for organizations, encompassing change management, a robust implementation roadmap, and a well-defined transformation journey. The goal is clear: seamless software adoption, leading to enhanced operational efficiencies and tangible business benefits."

Founded on the principle of purposefully integrating AI technologies into the HR domain, BCC has carved out a distinct niche over the past three years. With a team that boasts decades of experience, the company has a notable track record in enterprise HR software consultations, implementations, and deployments.

"Partnering with MakeShift aligns perfectly with our ethos at BCC. Both our organizations share a deep commitment to driving impactful change for our clients," stated Dr. Brian Fieser, Managing Partner of Blue Crab Consulting (BCC). "In the realm of HR transformations, the introduction of AI solutions, especially platforms like ShiftMate AI, goes beyond mere technology. It necessitates expert guidance for seamless and effective implementation. Leveraging BCC's expertise, businesses can confidently implement and harness the full potential of ShiftMate AI, ensuring both smooth transitions and optimal outcomes. Together, we're shaping a future where technology and humanity merge, empowering clients to achieve operational efficiencies without sacrificing the well-being and experiences of their employees." 

In sectors like healthcare and retail, where the pressures on essential workers continue to escalate, MakeShift stands as a beacon of innovation, delivering solutions tailored to address these unique challenges. The recent introduction of ShiftMate AI underscores this commitment. This advanced AI platform transforms the scheduling process, crafting schedules that balance employee preferences, needs, and overall well-being with organizational constraints like budget, eliminating historical trade-offs.

The collaboration with BCC brings an added layer of expertise, especially with their unique position as the only firm proficient in both MakeShift and SAP® SuccessFactors®. This dual expertise ensures that clients benefit not only from a seamless integration experience but also receive strategic guidance to ensure the successful utilization of both platforms.

"This collaboration transcends software," noted Asher Fredricks, Chief Revenue Officer at MakeShift. "With the combined strengths of MakeShift's platform, ShiftMate AI, and BCC's proficiency in enterprise-grade implementations such as SAP SuccessFactors, we're not just offering a solution; we're ensuring that the solution works seamlessly within a client's organizational fabric."

MakeShift is an ADP Platinum Partner and best-seller app on the ADP Marketplace. In October 2022, MakeShift listed on the SAP® Store and is now a recognized Industry Cloud Solution available to all SAP SuccessFactors® clients.

MakeShift is a proud sponsor of SuccessConnect 2023 and plans on unveiling ShiftMate AI at the event. Register for an in-person presentation:

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