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August 31, 2023

MakeShift and Ikigai Labs Forge Strategic Partnership to Disrupt Workforce Scheduling Through AI

CALGARY, Alberta — MakeShift, a prominent SaaS innovator renowned for its award-winning cloud-based employee scheduling and time-tracking platform, announced today its strategic partnership with Ikigai Labs, a pioneering technology platform that specializes in generative AI for tabular data. This collaboration aims to redefine staff scheduling and workforce management in critical industries, such as healthcare and retail, which are currently grappling with labor shortages, burnout, and high turnover rates.

“Industries like healthcare and retail are burdened by severe labor shortages and the relentless weight of employee burnout, leading to a scheduling crisis of significant magnitude. Exhausted employees are pushed to their limits, attempting to find balance amidst chaotic schedules. However, the consequences extend beyond individual well-being, affecting customer service, business continuity, and, in extreme cases, patient care within healthcare,” explained Adam Greenberg, CEO, MakeShift. “The status quo can’t continue. This is why we're partnering with Ikigai Labs. We are going to drive a seismic shift. Through the utilization of AI technology, we are going to empower organizations to achieve optimal performance while caring for the well-being of their workforce. It’s a quantum leap forward.”

Danny McGuinness, CTO, MakeShift, noted, “MakeShift is already recognized by G2, Gartner Digital Markets, and Tech Times as a leader in scheduling for its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and excellent customer support. This alliance will allow the company to leverage Ikigai Labs' powerful generative AI for tabular data to bridge the gap between operational efficiency and employee well-being.”

The integration of generative AI and advanced graphical models, developed by Ikigai Labs, opens the door for MakeShift to introduce a ground-breaking new AI platform. This platform will offer intelligent forecasting, cost-effective resource planning, AI-driven scheduling, and, for the very first time, workforce optimization that considers both operational performance and employee well-being.

Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Ikigai Labs, added, “Our AI technology is designed to allow organizations like MakeShift to swiftly build AI solutions to drive positive transformation in industries that are in dire need of it. Collaborating with MakeShift enables us to demonstrate the tangible impact of generative AI for tabular data.”

“Ikigai Labs' ability to use AI to address intricate challenges associated with time series data- encompassing tasks such as handling missing data, precise forecasting, and adeptly learning from diverse time-series- is key to what we are building. Their recent achievement of securing $25 million in funding speaks volumes about their technology,” said Asher Fredricks, Chief Revenue Officer, MakeShift. “We're thrilled about the potential of this partnership and are working closely with Ikigai Labs to bring forth a solution that will reshape the way organizations approach scheduling. Stay tuned for the imminent launch of ShiftMate AI. It’s the future of scheduling and workforce management and I think you are going to love it.”

MakeShift is an ADP Platinum Partner and a best seller solution on the ADP Marketplace. In October 2022, MakeShift listed on the SAP® Store and has since become a recognized Industry Cloud Solution, available to all SAP® SuccessFactors® customers.

.To view a teaser for ShiftMate AI, click here.

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Built upon years of MIT research, Ikigai's AI app platform provides enterprises with the insight they need to make faster, better decisions to drive growth. Using breakthrough technology to conduct forecasting, scenario planning and data preparation and stitching, enterprises can generate data insights at scale and detect patterns to gain a competitive edge. With Ikigai's Large Graphical Models, any data can also be trained to help businesses revolutionize the way they operate, scale and grow.