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July 15, 2021

Alliance Human Capital Management partners with MakeShift to bring intuitive cloud-based scheduling to customers

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Calgary, Alberta — MakeShift announced today that it is partnering with Alliance Human Capital Management to offer MakeShift’s easy-to-use employee scheduling app to all current and future Alliance subscribers. AllianceHCM has recently crossed the 1 million user mark within their AllPay Onboarding portal, and this partnership with MakeShift allows Alliance to provide their customers with the best scheduling solution for managing their employees.

“To win and retain staff, employers have to provide innovative tools to improve the employee experience while reducing overall expenses and growing the bottom line, said Matt Umholtz, President of AllianceHCM. “With its simple app and easy-to-use administrative solution, our customers are absolutely loving MakeShift.”

The partnership was driven by Alliance’s customer demand, some of whom asked for MakeShift by name. Many companies today are looking to streamline employee scheduling for their managers while allowing their staff to access schedules and swap shifts on mobile. 

This is vital during the pandemic, as there has been an increase of volatility in workforce planning, as well as a pressing need to keep workers happy. Research from Mercer shows that frontline workers in retail and wholesale have the highest rate of voluntary turnover (37%, in fact), and scheduling is frequently cited as being more important than pay when it comes to employee satisfaction.

Texas-based business, Fuel City—an award-winning food and fuel chain—uses MakeShift to manage scheduling for their frontline people employed at their six locations across the state.

“Scheduling, shift changes, and time off requests are so much easier to manage now,” said Vince Segurra, General Manager and Retail Director for Fuel City. “Having a live schedule at their fingertips is an invaluable tool for our managers. The painful days of Excel spreadsheets are in the past now that we are using MakeShift." 

MakeShift is an online employee scheduling app. Key customers are in the retail, fitness, and recreation sectors. The MakeShift app is in high demand as businesses commit to making scheduling easier for their managers and empower their staff to influence their work schedules.

“Fuel City has been a long-time MakeShift customer and they were a catalyst in this AllianceHCM and MakeShift partnership. There is nothing more gratifying for our team than to be so valuable to a customer that MakeShift is a must have part of their overall payroll and scheduling solution. We are confident that other Alliance subscribers will find MakeShift as indispensable as Fuel City does.” said Adam Greenberg, CEO, MakeShift.

About MakeShift

MakeShift ( is an online employee scheduling app that empowers businesses to build employee schedules in less time with none of the hassles of clunky, error-prone systems of the past, creating happier teams that drive growth. MakeShift offers free employee scheduling demos and one-to-one customer support to managers and owners looking to put their PeopleFirst™ and make employee scheduling PainFree™.

Established in 2014 to address the need for web and mobile-based scheduling for the healthcare industry, MakeShift has grown to serve organizations of all sizes in hospitality, fitness/recreation, retail, and healthcare including Fuel City, Virgin Hotels, La Senza, and Alberta Health Services. MakeShift seamlessly integrates with industry-leading human resource and payroll tools including Alliance.

About Alliance Human Capital Management 

As one of the largest independent payroll providers in the country, Alliance Human Capital Management (HCM) is heavily invested in providing the latest technology backed by the most personalized customer service in the industry. Since 1989, we've listened to what our users want out of their complete HCM solution and worked with the unique needs of thousands of business owners to ensure we always provide the most superior solution and unrivaled support to our clients. Our proprietary online software delivers paperless Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, WOTC, Employee Self-Service, Payroll Processing, HR Management, Benefits Enrollment, Timekeeping, and so much more.