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September 14, 2021

Top ADP Marketplace Partners join forces to offer best-in-breed time tracking and scheduling in a single solution to integrate with ADP Workforce Now®

Calgary, Alberta — MakeShift and QuickBooks Time, two top ADP® Marketplace partners, have joined forces to offer a robust solution for time tracking and scheduling. This partnership between QuickBooks Time and MakeShift will make time tracking and scheduling for multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant, security, professional services, manufacturing, and construction, a PainFree™ process.

The integration is all automated, so there is no need to sync shifts scheduled in MakeShift to QuickBooks Time. MakeShift clients who need advanced time tracking capabilities can also take advantage of QuickBooks Time’s cutting-edge features, including Bread Crumb Trail and Geofencing, In-App Mileage Tracking, Signature Captures, Jobsite Photos, Who’s Working Window, and more.

“When you look at the North American market, small and medium-sized enterprises represent over 90% of the business population. Many of these organizations suffered greatly due to COVID-19. Now as these businesses start rebounding and look to hire and retain employees, we wanted to make sure we gave them the tools they needed to succeed. This partnership between MakeShift and Quickbooks Time brings two great solutions together to do just that. It was an easy decision for me and I hope this integration enables businesses to give their employees the flexibility they’re looking for.” said Adam Greenberg, CEO, MakeShift.

Read more on exactly how MakeShift and Quickbooks Time integrate to provide time tracking and advanced scheduling.

About MakeShift

MakeShift ( is an online employee scheduling app that empowers businesses to build employee schedules in less time with none of the hassles of clunky, error-prone systems of the past, creating happier teams that drive growth. MakeShift offers free employee scheduling demos and one-to-one customer support to managers and owners looking to put their PeopleFirst™ and make employee scheduling PainFree™.

Established in 2014 to address the need for web and mobile-based scheduling for the healthcare industry, MakeShift has grown to serve organizations of all sizes in hospitality, fitness/recreation, retail, and health care including Fuel City, La Senza, and Alberta Health Services. MakeShift seamlessly integrates with industry leading human resource and payroll tools.